About frequencyTRIBE

frequencyTRIBE is an independent service for Healy members, Healy business builders and Healy influencers.

We love what Healy has brought into our lives and are passionate about sharing the benefits with others. We quickly realized that sharing the benefits of Healy and managing a downline are two very different things.  The more we shared about Healy, the more bandwidth we needed to educate and keep people in the loop. Having new users fend for themselves in numerous social media groups just wasn't scalable or efficient. So we decided to tackle this conundrum and created frequencyTRIBE BOT. 

BOT has been in the making since May 2020 and officially launched on December 21, 2020. This is just the beginning and we intend to continue building out our solution with many new exciting features to come.

frequencyTRIBE BOT is being offered for Free to all Healy members. Even if you upgrade to a paid plan, Bot is offered at a drastic savings to what it would cost you to get the same features elsewhere. Look around and you will see that any decent marketing system will be $50-$100 a month not to mention all the time you will need to put into creating and updating your campaigns. We will offer that and much much more in a solution totally customized to being a Healy Sponsor.

We are here to serve you and the community so the tribe can grow out as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

looking forward to riding the frequencies together,

Asheem Agrasen, Founder